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The effect of oxygen partial pressure on the properties of Al2O3 films deposited by electron beam evaporation has been investigated through a combination of spectrophotometric and interferometric characterization techniques. As oxygen partial pressure increases, a decrease in the refractive index is observed, as well as a shift towards less tensile films once they are exposed to ambient conditions. This decrease in tensile stress was observed to be correlated with water content in the films. Increasing oxygen partial pressure during deposition improved film stoichiometry, absorption, and laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) at 351 nm.


Al2O3 coatings are well known for their appealing material properties such as high dielectric constant, wide bandgap, excellent chemical and thermal stability, high hardness, high melting point, and wear resistance1-5. These films are used in many applications such as semiconductor and optoelectronic devices, cutting tool instruments, and coatings for optics, diffusion barriers, and corrosion resistance6-9. Al2O3 is an essential dielectric material used in...