Optic manufacturing starts with the generation of the lens; to shape, craft, and form glass into a unique piece. Optimax is a leader in high precision optics manufacturing and prides itself on having a strong culture. We encourage lifelong learning and strive for the best possible solution with the highest quality. In line with our culture, we are extremely proud to have three generations of the Hordin Family working at Optimax; father Dick (Richard) Hordin, son Tom Hordin, and grandson Nick Hordin.

With more than 50 years of experience, Dick has mastered his skills as an optical manufacturing engineer/machinist. Although Dick retired from Corning Tropel in 1999, he was asked by a close friend working at Optimax to help with a special project. He began working at Optimax in 2010 and currently works part-time.


Dick brings much expertise and inherent knowledge acquired by experience to our young engineers and opticians. For Dick, it is a privilege working with both his son and grandson. Not many people can say that. sharing, “It’s a true pleasure to see them both doing so well, and I am very proud.”

Tom originally started working for Optimax in 1994 when the company, located in a Webster, NY, barn, was just starting out and had only nine employees. Tom shares more than 30 years of optical manufacturing experience. Starting as a manufacturing technician, he is now involved with process development and serves as a group leader for the Laser Grade Optics department. Tom says, it is great to work at the same company as his dad and son, and to see them so often. His father inspires him; Tom says with praise, “Everything he touches turns to gold”.


Nick joined Optimax in 2016 alongside his father and grandfather, while still in high school. With a B.S. in Bio Material Engineering from Alfred University, Nick anticipates his M.B.A. in 2021. During the last six years as a seasonal intern, Nick has watched Optimax triple in size while working closely with multiple teams and gaining optics experience. Nick states, “It’s nice to have family here and good work relationships. My Optimax work experience has guided my education and career decisions.”


Want to generate a career in optics like the Hordin family?